Here at Strawberry Fields Training we offer innovative services and have achieved, and continue to achieve, great and positive results in our work with adults and young people on the margins of society.

We believe that everyone can make a positive contribution towards rebuilding their lives, and that everyone should have new opportunities and prospects regardless of their background.

From children to adults, we aim to support and meet the needs of every client for the benefit of themselves and for society as a whole, contributing to stronger and safer communities; reducing drug and alcohol use, helping reduce offending rates locally and anti-social behaviour, and acting proactively with first time offenders.

Our work is geared towards (but is in no way limited to);

• Reducing Re-Offending Rates
• Encouraging further education and training
• Assisting people to gain skills for employment
• Maintaining drug rehabilitation
• Reducing homelessness
• Keeping people in their homes
• The employment of ex-offenders and service users
• Mentoring schemes
• Working with Young Offenders
• Offering courses and training for all
• Educating young people at risk of becoming NEET

For more information on our training, projects and other services we offer please see the links to the top of the page.

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